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Miles City Posse Soccer

Fall Recreational Soccer Registration is closed for players.

Coaches - please sign up by clicking here and choose Coach in the Account Type box
*Apologies that questions asked and confirmation of signup are as if you were signing up as a player. 
Brief background check is required if you haven't done so in the last 2 yrs.


Important Registration Instructions: 

If your child played before, and you are logging into gotsoccer to register as an individual user - existing account, and you have forgotten your player's login information, either click the 2nd link above and no login info is needed, or click the player password lookup or ask us to send it to you by emailing mcpossesoccer@gmail.com. Do not ask for a new login or create a new account!   If you do not receive an email from the automatic lookup help, you may not be using the email address you created the account with.  The email address you enter must match the one you created the account with. When you receive the email with login info, click the registration form link, NOT the https://www.gotsoccer.com/ link. 

Family discounts are given for 3 or more children playing. You will need to create a family account and be sure all of your players are added to the account.  To create a family account, click the top link above, and you will see the option to create a family account. Follow the steps, and then register your players for the season. The discount should automatically be applied.

**If you cannot pay by echeck or credit card, please email us and we will arrange a payment option with you.

Problems registering?  Send us an email at milescityposse@gmail.com or call our registrar, Heather Martelle-Clark at 406-548-1755.